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Published on : Aug 8, 2023

How Design Pros Can Experiment with Metalunic’s Product Offering Before Construction.

Metalunic is getting on the specifier's shortlist. The secret lies in texture files.

About Metalunic

Metalunic is a manufacturing company specializing in exterior building envelope products serving customers across Canada and in the USA serving the residential, commercial, industrial, and farming sectors. Metalunic manufactures steel and aluminium-based roofing, siding, and numerous types mouldings and trims.

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Choosing siding or roofing for your home is a challenging decision. Customers often have a hard time visualizing the product on their homes. When architects and contractors present design plans to their clients, they try to communicate the vision through 3D renderings. Although it’s not often the case, the decision-making process becomes much easier when you have access to accurate digital materials to incorporate into these 3D models. That’s where PBR textures come into play.

PBR, or Physically Based Rendering, is a technique used to create realistic and accurate visualizations of materials. They are an essential tool for creating realistic and immersive 3D environments. It's easy to see why it's so useful: it means you can see how it will look before you start building, so you can make changes if something isn't right and experiment with different product options, including colors and layout. Metalunic realized a unique opportunity to provide professionals with these types of digital assets.

Initial Phase

When we first got in touch, Metalunic was in the midst of planning its (3D) digital strategy for the years to come. They were looking for a new CGI partner that overcame issues they faced with other technologies, specifically with large-scale wood patterns and capturing intricate steel and aluminium characteristics. We agreed to move forward with a test project which included 8 colors in their 2 steel profiles.

Metalunic quickly came to the conclusion that scanning quality plays a very important role in the success of digitization projects. A great visualization requires multiple layers of data that create the material's physical properties, which cannot be achieved with a regular scanner that produces a simple image of the steel or aluminium panel. Since capturing these properties is quite a complex task, Lightbeans offers a scanning service with our proprietary technology.

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Our Strategies

Transform Metalunic's product offerings into cutting-edge 3D textures using our proprietary scanning technology. The advantages of 3D textures are clear as day, empowering architects and contractors to craft remarkably lifelike visualizations of their designs, and enabling clients to grasp the final product with crystal clarity. However, the absence of these textures forces architects to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours painstakingly recreating files manually, often resulting in subpar quality.

Make awe-inspiring designs using the textures. What better way to showcase the potential of these textures than by fashioning tailor-made 3D environments exclusively for Metalunic, enabling architects and contractors to witness firsthand what can be accomplished?

As an added bonus, upload and promote the Metalunic textures through the Lightbeans Library. These files now reside in the web cloud infrastructure of Lightbeans, readily accessible not only on Metalunic's website but also on Lightbeans' library. Architects and contractors can effortlessly browse and download these assets, completely free of charge for industry experts.

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Why the Lightbeans Library?

Manufacturers can digitally promote their products through this innovative online library and gain valuable insights into market demand and user behavior. Meanwhile, architects and contractors can easily integrate these textures into their designs.

Lightbeans provides a scanning service for building product manufacturers in digitizing their products as well as enabling them to showcase their products and connect to our monthly active users to ensure their products are relevant when and where decisions and product specifications are made.

The Results

With over a thousand Metalunic texture downloads since its launch in 2022, the impact of 3D textures has already been witnessed by the company. Lightbeans' scanning technology is aiding in this success, guaranteeing the delivery of top-notch 3D texture files and further bolstering Metalunic's competitive advantage. Not only are they great conversation starters with architects and contractors, but they also open up new sale opportunities for Metalunic.

Metalunic has firmly established itself as an industry leader through its unwavering dedication to embracing innovative technological solutions. By offering architects and contractors access to superior 3D textures, Metalunic has dramatically simplified the design and visualization process, facilitating more precise communication of ideas to clients. Once the client can picture it clearly, the probability of Metalunic being specified on the project increases greatly. They remain committed to equipping these professionals with the necessary tools to transform their creative visions into reality.

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Check Out Our Library

Lightbeans offers an impressive array of textures that will give you a hand in your design and architecture projects.

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How Design Pros Can Experiment with Metalunic’s Product Offering Before Construction.