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5 Tips For A Quieter Work Environment

Improve the acoustic comfort in collaborative spaces with Feltkütur.

May 9, 20243 min read
A scene with acoustic products from Feltkutur.

Modern office design must take into account the importance of collaborative spaces. These collaborative work zones are essential for encouraging creativity, communication and productivity within teams. However, it's not enough to simply create collaborative spaces; they must also be acoustically comfortable. That's where Feltkütur acoustic solutions come in.

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It's worth emphasizing the importance of systematically using the services of an acoustician to design an appropriate acoustic strategy. The acoustics expert on the Feltkütur team is available to provide advice and acoustic training. However, if a professional consultation is not an option, here are five basic rules for improving acoustics in a collaboration room:

1. Control reflective surfaces: reducing hard surfaces such as glass, concrete or metal can reduce unwanted sound reflections, thus contributing to better acoustic quality.

2. Use absorbent materials: integrating Feltkütur acoustic solutions, such as felt panels, acoustic ceiling baffles or acoustic curtains, will make a real difference in sound absorption and echo reduction.

3. Balancing reverberation: ensuring the right balance between reverberation and sound absorption can improve the clarity of conversations and reduce hearing fatigue for participants.

4. Position sound sources: strategically place loudspeakers, microphones and other audio equipment to promote uniform sound distribution in the room, thus improving understanding of communications.

5. Optimize furniture: choosing upholstered or fabric-covered furniture rather than rigid surfaces can help absorb sound and reduce noise pollution, providing a more comfortable environment for discussions.

A noisy environment can disrupt concentration and productive meetings. Feltkütur acoustic panels solve this problem, offering a decorative and functional solution that improves acoustics. The Gaïa and Harmonie collections impress with their design and efficiency. Curtains from the Renaissance collection and acoustic ceiling baffles complete the range, enhancing comfort and aesthetics while reducing distractions. These cost-effective solutions encourage creativity and productivity in the workplace.

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Well-designed collaboration spaces, combined with careful attention to acoustics, foster creativity and productivity within companies. Solutions such as Feltkütur acoustic panels and acoustic curtains offer an effective and aesthetic way of achieving this goal, creating environments conducive to collaboration and concentration.

The soft, enveloping texture of the felt creates a warm, elegant ambiance, while absorbing noise to promote a calm, focused working environment. Feltkütur acoustic felts are available in 9 colors and can be cut to size. Discover these colors in your 3D renderings with the textures available free of charge in the Lightbeans catalog.

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About Feltkütur

The Feltkütur range of acoustic products by Alkegen offers high-quality solutions for any environment in need of soundproofing. Feltkütur offers a range of acoustic soundproofing panels to match any project.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for calm and quiet environments. Soundproofing panels maximize sound absorption and limit the transmission of interior noise, which has become a real challenge for architects and designers.

With Feltkütur acoustic solutions, acoustic comfort will be enhanced, as will the aesthetics of the space in which they are added. Several collections of acoustic panels are available, whether as acoustic tiles, acoustic curtains, acoustic ceiling lights or acoustic screens. Visit the Feltkütur website now to find out more.

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