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ProFab unveils new online configurator for customizing prefabricated homes

Create your ideal ProFab home with a new tool developed by Lightbeans.

June 4, 20242 min read
Un configurateur en ligne pour le modèle Edena de Profab

Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec - June 4, 2024 - Lightbeans, an innovator in computer visualization technologies, is pleased to announce its collaboration with ProFab, a leader in modular construction for over 35 years.

The fruit of this collaboration is the all-new online configurator for ProFab's Edena model. Designed by Lightbeans, the configurator enables users to customize the Edena model in the comfort of their own home. They can now configure different material layouts and enjoy close-up views of the materials in high definition for a more informed choice.

Le configurateur permet de choisir les matériaux dans la chambre a coucher

ProFab's objective was to create an interactive online experience that allows customers to feel engaged early on in the purchasing process. Being able to configure a prefabricated home before it is even purchased instills a sense of confidence.

An interactive online tour is also available for the Edena model.

Une visite virtuelle du modèle Edena

ProFab's Edena model, a modern farmhouse-style prefabricated home, offers a separate upstairs space for parents seeking peace and quiet after a busy day. With a dedicated children's bathroom and an abundance of storage, this manufactured home meets the needs of today's families. Its two floors also offer the flexibility of having a scullery in addition to an office or playroom at the front of the house.

Aerial view of first floor

Une vue aérienne du modèle Edena

At ProFab, our models are fully customizable. We wanted customers to have a tool to experience and understand this concept right from the start of their process with us. The online configurator developed by Lightbeans for our Edena model is a powerful tool that enables our customers to turn their vision into reality. It helps us make their dream home a reality. We are convinced this collaboration will strengthen our leadership position in the modular construction industry.

Anne Fournier, Marketing Manager at ProFab

For more information on the online viewer for ProFab's Edena model, visit the ProFab website.

Vue de la cuisine du modele Edena

All images were also created by the team of 3D artists at Lightbeans.

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ProFab has been a leader in modular construction for over 35 years. Renowned for the quality and reliability of its products and services, ProFab offers a wide selection of customizable models to suit all tastes and budgets, and boasts a design center unique in Quebec.

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