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Armadura Joins Lightbeans To Reach Design Professionals and Align With Their Needs

Armadura and Lightbeans have formed a dynamic partnership to bring 3D visualization tools to the design world.

June 11, 20242 min read
Armadura collaboration with Lightbeans

June 11, 2024 (Ontario, Canada) - Armadura, a prominent manufacturer of high-quality and eco-friendly steel roofing systems, has partnered with Lightbeans to offer design professionals an efficient way to search for and incorporate their range of materials in 3D architectural visualizations.

As the largest texture library in North America, Lightbeans is the primary resource for design professionals to discover materials from local suppliers and manufacturers, integrate them into 3D visualization projects, and ultimately specify them.

Lightbeans Streamlines the Design Process

In today's world, accuracy and efficiency are crucial. The new partnership not only represents a move towards digital solutions but also pushes both companies to the forefront of industry innovation. Design professionals in the modern age rely on 3D textures to discover and iterate on products for their projects within their 3D software. Without access to these brand-specific 3D files, they could spend hours trying to recreate a single material in Photoshop or searching for something similar online. Lightbeans' free texture library enables rapid 3D prototyping, allowing designers to visualize materials without the delays and waste associated with physical samples. The high-fidelity textures provide unmatched realism, enhancing client presentations and facilitating informed decision-making in project development.

Benefits of 3D Textures for Armadura

Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture

3D textures are valuable for promoting Armadura's products and getting them specified. By integrating textures into Armadura's digital marketing strategy, they can distribute their products as 3D assets on a platform frequented by key construction professionals every day.

The collaborative effort with Lightbeans was easy, efficient and necessary. We are now able to showcase an exquisite piece of practical art to those who create beautiful homes for us. Armadura® has a home in Canada, however, it is meant to be shared with the world.

Sebastijan Zupanec, CEO at Armadura

About Armadura Metal Roofs

Armadura project with their metal roofing

Armadura specializes in top-tier metal roofing solutions, engineered to ensure your home is safe, durable, and elegant.  Inspired by the rugged beauty of mountain slate, their roofing solutions blend timeless elegance with advanced engineering.


The collaboration provides designers with top-notch tools and easy online access to a comprehensive library of 3D textures. This allows designers to easily download, test, and apply accurate and visually appealing roofing materials in different digital environments. The seamless integration of digital assets into the design workflow saves time and enhances the creative process.

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