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Enhancing Architectural Designs: Lightbeans and Banas Porcelain Partnership

Digital twins of Banas’ porcelain pavers are now available for use in 3D models by architects and builders.

May 28, 20243 min read
Banas logo with a porcelain paver background

[Bolton, Ontario, Canada, 2024-05-28] - Lightbeans, a leader in realistic digital visualization technologies, is excited to announce a partnership with Banas, one of the foremost names in the porcelain and natural stone industries. This collaboration has digitized Banas' high-quality porcelain paver products into downloadable textures, providing architects and builders with advanced tools to enhance their 3D modeling projects.

Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture

The partnership between Lightbeans and Banas will change the way architects and builders incorporate porcelain pavers into their designs. By offering a wide selection of digital materials in the form of 3D texture files, architects can easily visualize how different types of porcelain would look in their projects without having to physically source or manipulate the materials. This innovative approach will save time, effort, and resources for building-industry professionals.

This partnership with Lightbeans represents a strategic step towards embracing digital innovation while maintaining the authenticity and quality Banas is known for. We are thrilled to offer our clients a new way to experience our products that is aligned with the modern needs of speed and efficiency in design and construction.

Firoz Khan, GM of Banas

Banas’ 3D materials are now available for download in the Texture Library, an online resource for architects to discover digital materials from real-world manufacturers for their projects.

Key Benefits of Incorporating 3D Materials into Design Workflows

  • High-Quality Digital Representation: Each texture is crafted to reflect the true appearance, texture, and color of Banas' products, ensuring that the digital samples are virtually indistinguishable from their physical counterparts. This ensures that the finished architectural project meets expectations.

  • User-Friendly: The digital textures are easily downloadable and compatible with commonly used 3D modeling software, making the integration process seamless and hassle-free.

  • Time and Cost-Efficient: By minimizing the need for physical samples, architects and builders can save valuable time and resources, reducing project costs in the process.

  • Sustainable: The use of digital textures reduces the consumption of natural resources, making it an environmentally friendly option for incorporating porcelain into designs.

  • Improved Decision Making: By offering a true-to-life visual representation, textures help stakeholders make informed decisions about material selections early in the design process.

About Banas

Banas is a North American supplier of natural stone and porcelain, transforming raw materials from premier quarries into exquisite tiles, pavers, and slabs. Their products, which elevate both contemporary and traditional designs, are created using eco-friendly practices.

Expanding on Banas' Environmental Commitment

Banas not only prides itself on producing premium porcelain paving products but is also deeply committed to environmental stewardship. The company has implemented a comprehensive sustainability program that focuses on minimizing its carbon footprint, conserving water, and reducing waste throughout its quarrying and production processes. By leveraging advanced technology and sustainable practices, Banas ensures that every product delivered not only meets but exceeds industry standards for environmental responsibility. This commitment extends to the rehabilitation of quarried lands, where the company invests in restoring ecosystems to their natural state, demonstrating a profound respect for the environment and a forward-thinking approach to porcelain and natural stone production.

About Lightbeans

Lightbeans' mission is to renew the online shopping experience for visually complex products like porcelain pavers. By developing highly realistic digital visualization tools, Lightbeans aims to bring users closer to the true essence of material products, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement. Lightbeans also offers an online texture library with over 1,000 materials from real-world manufacturers for architects and designers to incorporate into their 3D models.

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