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Architects need your textures.
Make their lives easier.

Smart Textures
for 3D renderings

Lightbeans technology allows architects and designers to incorporate real products from local suppliers into their 3D renderings.






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A Technology For Everyone

Are You a Material Supplier?

Discover a new way to generate sales.

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Are You an Architect or a Designer?

Say goodbye to the countless hours wasted manually reproducing generic textures.

Create photorealistic images in your 3D design software now.

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Up to 16K Resolution

Your designs with exceptional resolution!

Multiple Lighting Conditions

Lightbeans textures adapt to different lighting conditions (morning, afternoon, evening) and multiple viewpoints, just like real materials.

Distribution method

How Does it Work?

  • Add the Lightbeans pop-up window to your website in a few minutes.
  • Allow architects and designers to select the desired files and download your textures.
  • Multiply your potential customers with Lightbeans!

Qualified Lead

Who is Downloading Your Textures?

Know where and when your products were downloaded.

Performance Analytics

Get the number of downloads of your textures and the popularity of your products in real time.

A Competitive Advantage

92% of architects and designers would favor material suppliers offering 3D photorealistic textures.

Help Architects Specify your Products

92% of Architects Would Favor Material Suppliers Offering 3D Textures

Help design professionals save up to 180 minutes per material when 3D modeling an architectural project.

Allow your products to be showcased and specified earlier by architects and designers.

Stand out from the competition by offering your clients the ability to create 3D renderings that are true to your products.


Our Smart Textures are compatible with the industry's greatest softwares

Works for 3D applications, CAD, AR and VR software, real-time and ray tracing renderings

Autodesk 3ds MaxAutodesk MayaAutodeskAutodesk RevitUnitySketchUpV-RayCoronaEnscapeMaxwellCinema 4DBlenderUnrealLumionTwinmotion

And many more!

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