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How Can Lightbeans Offer Free Textures?

The story behind the free textures: We facilitate a win-win for both designers, architects and manufacturers.

June 27, 20243 min read
microconcrete close-up made in a 3d visualization software

PBR Textures are more than just details in the world of design and architecture; they bring ideas to life. They help architects and designers show their work in a way that is both realistic and interesting. But the big question that everyone always has is: Why are our textures free?

Getting Value Out of Collaboration

At the heart of our business is a unique partnership that helps both local suppliers and manufacturers that make materials. Our business plan is based on strategic partnerships with these manufacturers or suppliers who know that this platform is good for them. They pay to have their products shown off and to make the professional-quality texture files that they need. On the other hand, we give these textures away for free, primarily aimed at architects and designers. This connection works both ways: manufacturers can show off their products, and designers can use a wide range of textures for free.

The Community

But you can always get better, and that's where the group comes in. We want to make a catalog that has even more of the variety and detail that you and other professionals need. If you think that a certain maker or type of material would make our collection better, please let us know. By making it easier for us to get in touch with these makers, you help us digitize their materials, which makes the pool of resources we can all use bigger.

What You Can Do To Help

Here's what you can do to help this great growth happen:

  1. Name some brands or resources that you use often or that you think would be useful to the design community.
  2. Talk to the makers and let them know how valuable it is for us to feature their products on our site.
  3. By connecting us with the makers, you work to make sure that more people can get and enjoy a wide range of high-quality textures.

Lightbeans' Vision For the Texture Library

Our free, large, and varied library is a shining example of how easy it can be to connect design and architecture professionals to manufacturers and their products. We give these textures away for free because we believe in the power of working together to make digital building easier and faster.

We want you to look through our catalog, enjoy the textures that make your projects come to life, and help us create a future where collaboration and new ideas keep breaking ground.

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Lightbeans offers an impressive array of textures that will give you a hand in your design and architecture projects.

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