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Published on : Jan 24, 2024

New Download Interface: Making Things Simpler

2-step texture download

Summary: This update will simplify the download process and provide you with the tailored files you need.

We're excited to announce that we've simplified our texture download interface in a huge way!

Just choose your preferred 3d modeling software and renderer and we'll provide you with the tailored files.

Previously, each texture had several download setting options, and it wasn’t always easy to determine which maps were required for your software. some software needed adjustments or inversions of the texture files to function properly. also, certain maps had different naming conventions depending on the system.

Now, you will receive the correct map names. for instance, if you are using sketchup-enscape workflow, you will get albedo, displacement, and reflections/roughness maps.

The default settings are now optimized for most uses, so you don't have to adjust anything unless you want to make more in-depth adjustments. if you do, the previous system's advanced options are still available.

This update is compatible with leading industry software such as sketchup, revit, 3ds max, enscape, lumion, vray, twinmotion, and corona.

If your program is not listed, select "other". this will work with most software. we plan to include more software options in the future.

Finally, your preferred download settings are also saved for next time, so you don't have to set them up again.

We’re confident that this update will simplify the texture download and integration process.

Feel free to share your feedback with our team. we appreciate your valuable input! please use the contact form or book a meeting to tell us what you need or cannot find in the library.

-The Lightbeans Team

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New Download Interface: Making Things Simpler