Next-Gen Product Visualization

Show your products using our realistic virtual photography, augmented and virtual reality

What We Do.

Our scanning technology allows manufacturers, distributors and retailers to virtualize the physical appearance of their products. From the produced scans, Lightbeans generates ultra-realistic and interactive visuals for the web, augmented and virtual reality.

Our Services

Appearance Scanning

Material appearance scanning and product virtualization

Virtual Photography

Generation of realistic visuals from virtualized products

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Development of augmented and virtual reality applications for product presentation

Specialized Hosting

High-speed hosting of virtualized products

Our Process


Appearance Scanning

Lightbeans captures your products' physical appearance using advanced scanning technologies. Our team of experts validates the quality of the scan. We only need to capture a product once.

Generate Content

Generate 3D Content

Our scans are sent directly to our platform where we can generate an infinite amount of realistic visuals tailored to your needs.

Show, Sell & Stand Out

Show Renders in Augmented, Virtual Reality and Virtual Photography

Integrate the generated renders on the web and in print by taking advantage of our platform's easy to use tools. Lightbeans lets you leverage state of the art AR & VR technologies so you can stay ahead of your competition.

Value Proposition

Reduce Costs ans Save Time

Reduce Costs and Save Time

Save on the costly logistics and post-editing of photoshoots by generating all of your visuals with our 3D virtual photography technology.

Boost Sales for your web and print strategy

Boost Sales

Increase online and offline conversion rates by showing every variant of your products through ultra-realistic renders.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Shorten Sales Cycle

Optimize your products' presentation and sales process using our virtual showroom offering which can reduce your store's inventory per square foot.

Reduce Product Returns

Reduce Product Returns

No one likes bad suprises. Inspire confidence in your customers by giving them all the visual information they need to purchase your products.

Easy Web Integration in your website

Easy Web Integration

Through a single line of code, let your customers enjoy a smooth, fast and responsive interaction on your website. Our team of engineers has optimized the whole process for you.

Increase User Engagement

Increase User Engagement

Differentate yourself from the competition by offering a unique way for your customers to interact and play with your products online.

Our Mission

At Lightbeans, we strive to enrich the overall buying experience of customers. We bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world through realistic and interactive renderings of virtualized objects.

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