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Get your samples in front
of your audience

Learn About E-SAMPLE®

Our eSample facilitates online pre-shopping and reduces the need for physical samples. It's simple, fast and efficient.

Exterior Cladding

Floor Tile



Natural Stone




Textile & Fabric




Powering 19M+
views on eSample this year!

Feel the Product

High Definition Zoom

In addition to providing dynamic light interaction, the eSample viewer offers multiple zoom levels so your clients can admire the details, texture and quality of your products.

Support your teams. Reach your Sales Objective.

Give Your Sales Force the Right Tool

Improve your online product preselection with eSample, accessible in just a few clicks.

Double the conversion rate and the engagement generated by your call-to-actions.

Observe up to a 600% increase in your website traffic.

Save 15-25% on your physical sample costs.

How Does it Work?

2 Ways to Use eSample

Add eSample to Your Site

eSample can be easily added to current and future versions of your website with a single line of code. It will appear as a digital display to simplify online preselection.

Create Personalized eCatalogs and Send Them to Your Customers

1. Select the eSample

Log in to the Lightbeans portal and select the eSample you want to send to your customer.

2. Generate a unique link to send your eSample

Activate your link and open the eSample eCatalog with just a few clicks. No programming required.

3. Send your link by email or text message

The link can be easily inserted into an email or text message, which you can send to architects, designers and customers. No application is needed, only an Internet connection.

Analytics and Tracking

With our built-in analytics tool, find out how many people are viewing your digital samples in real time.

Measure the views for all of your products or by individual product.

Get a histogram of the most popular products in your company.

Find Out What Customers
Have to Say About Lightbeans

One of the biggest challenges we have in drawing customers' attention to our products is allowing them to 'feel' beyond the virtual image. The technology and techniques employed by Lightbeans are what we have found best to do digital justice to wood and deliver the best color rendering.

François D’Amours

VP Marketing at Preverco

Innovation and designing customer experience around Lightbeans technology is beneficial to our vision of the future and the way we need to help our customers and our customers' customers when they are choosing flooring.

Paul Raiche

President at Ceratec

Send us your products, we'll take care of the rest.

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