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Inspire your customers

Virtual Decors

Lightbeans can create inspiring designs with real textures to help your customers get inspired and visualize your materials in a concrete way.

Various Designs With Multiple Viewpoints and Lighting Conditions

Modern, contemporary, industrial, minimalist, rustic, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, vintage or farmhouse designs... The possibilities are endless!

Breathtaking Close-up Shots

Honour your products by presenting them with their actual textures and finishes so your customers can fully visualize them.

How Does it Work?

Send Us an Inspiration Photo by Email

Select the design of your choice and send it to our design team, who will transform your photo into a 3D virtual environment.

Would you like us to suggest some options? Our designers will help you out.

Send Us Your Physical Product

Our scanning technology will capture the surface texture, reflection and finish of your product to replicate how it reacts to light in real-life.

Let Us Create Your Customized Virtual Decor

We will integrate your product into the 3D environment and create renderings from different viewpoints and lighting conditions. We use ray tracing, a method of graphics rendering that simulates the physical behavior of light.

The Difference With Lightbeans

Reduce Time to Market

Reach the market faster and give your customers the opportunity to preselect your products online.

Your Chosen Design at a Reduced Cost

Save money with photorealistic 3D, which will spare you from creating a real showroom with your product and photographing it at your expense.

Unmatched Realism

Display your products in the desired viewpoints and lighting conditions with a high fidelity visual.

Do You Have An Upcoming Product Launch?

Chat with our team remotely or on-site to conceptualize your first virtual decor!