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Frequently Asked Questions


Why digitize my materials? Why do it now?

To improve the online preselection of your products and to reduce the need to send physical samples to your customers.

Do I have to send you my materials?

Yes, we need to have your physical products in hand in order to capture the details with accuracy and offer you the highest level of realism.

I have a lot of materials, how do I start?

For large quantities, it is possible to send your materials in several stages. We recommend a gradual approach where you start with your most popular products or your new arrivals.


Will Lightbeans slow down my website?

No, Lightbeans has absolutely no impact on your website loading times.

Do my customers have to leave my site to use Lightbeans?

No, Lightbeans is directly integrated to your website. The URL and your branding are unchanged, only your products are displayed in the visualization tool.

Is Lightbeans compatible with my site?

Yes, Lightbeans works with all e-commerce platforms. We provide code snippets throughout our Customer Portal for every digital asset we create.


What is unique about Lightbeans?

In addition to offering a level of realism unmatched in the surface material industry, our technologies will increase your sales by simplifying the online preselection of your products and by improving the customer experience. By teaming up, we will help you increase market share in the B2B sector and better reach architects and designers. With our analysis tools, you will also be able to track your website traffic, material downloads as well as your most popular product lines in real time.

How much does Lightbeans cost?

The initial cost is determined by the number of products to be digitized. Then, there is a usage fee based on your website traffic. Contact us to get a personalized quote for your next project with Lightbeans.

Is it possible to get a demo?

Yes, send us your most popular product and let us convince you to work together!