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Why We Founded Lightbeans

Have you ever shopped for a product online and were uncertain of its appearance, texture, or color? Or even worse, have you ever dismissed a supplier from your choices because its products were not well displayed online?

Lightbeans was founded based on the often laborious and stressful experiences of selecting finishing materials for construction and renovation projects. Think about your future countertop, wood flooring, kitchen cabinets, or siding. Buying the right materials is an important investment with permanent results or, at least, difficult to change once the products are installed.

Our Ambition

Multiple trips to local retailers are required to examine the range of possibilities before making a selection. Even with the emergence of online shopping, the consumer still feels the need to travel around showrooms to handle products to understand their appearance, texture, and color. Once the product is selected, the challenge does not end there. Doubt persists as to the true harmony between the desired ambiance and the chosen materials until the construction is completed.

Imagine if ultra-realistic visualization technologies allowed 90% of this process to be done digitally, reliably, and faithfully. It is with this ambition that Lightbeans wishes to revolutionize the shopping experience for the surface materials industry.


Our Mission

Renew the online shopping experience to bring humans closer to visually complex products.

Our Focus: Realism

We develop interactive technologies based on a high level of realism and product fidelity.

The Management Team and Co-Founders

A Family Business

Patrick, Ph.D.

Scientific VP & Co-founder

With his many years of experience, Patrick is the reference in 3D computer vision and appearance modeling. He and his experienced team are always ready to solve complex technological problems and take on major scientific challenges in computer vision.

30+ years of experience in computer vision, inventor of numerous 3D scanning technologies commercialized world-wide, formely a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Laval University

Philippe, B.B.A.

President & Co-founder

Philippe is known for his contagious energy and natural empathy, so he is in his element when it comes to customer experience and sales. He is committed to developing a close relationship with his customers to provide them with an unparalleled experience and to take them to new levels of growth with our digital technologies.

Bachelor of Business Administration and Finances, Web and IT entrepreneur since 2015.

Antoine, B. Eng.

VP Operations & Co-founder

Antoine is at the head of operations and production of eSample, Smart Textures and Virtual Decors. With his eagle eye, he performs quality control of our services to offer our clients results that exceed their expectations.

Degree in mechanical engineering and experience in corporate and investment banking (CIB) at Royal Bank of Canada.

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Join us to tackle major scientific and business challenges to make the online shopping experience more enjoyable for consumers, designers and architects. Ready to change the digital world?

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