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James Hardie Fiber Cement Finishes From St-Laurent Are Now Available on Lightbeans

The latest addition to our Texture Library: James Hardie Fiber Cement Finishes From St-Laurent

February 13, 20243 min read


[Repentigny, QC, Canada, February 13, 2024] – Lightbeans, a technological company revolutionizing architectural visualization, is proud to announce its collaboration with St-Laurent, a leader specialized in finishing James Hardie fiber cement and engineered wood siding.

St-Laurent brings exceptional expertise in manufacturing James Hardie fiber cement finishes, renowned for their durability, fire resistance, moisture resistance, and resistance to pests, making them an ideal choice for structures in highly variable weather conditions.

Through this partnership, St-Laurent's James Hardie fiber cement finishes have been digitized into high-fidelity textures, accessible to professionals worldwide via Lightbeans' texture library. This allows architects and home builders to accurately showcase the beauty of St-Laurent's finishes in 3D renders, enabling them to communicate their vision more effectively.

Lightbeans' unique scanning technology accurately captures material properties, transforming them into downloadale textures using Physically Based Rendering (PBR). PBR, a rendering technique, mimics the behavior of light in the real world, producing photorealistic 3D renders that surpass what can be achieved with traditional non-adaptable textures.

Users of Lightbeans' texture library have long been requesting St-Laurent products for their projects. We are thrilled to finally give the community what they want.

Philippe Hébert, CEO of Lightbeans

At the launch of the texture library, there were 300 architects and home builders using it each month to discover and download materials for 3D models, both for indoor and outdoor use. In 2024, this number has grown to 3,000. Lightbeans aims for 30,000 monthly users over the next two years. With Lightbeans' assistance, construction product manufacturers can publish their textures in the library, allowing them to showcase their products to new potential customers and facilitate architects' design and specification processes.

St-Laurent has seized this opportunity to ensure that their products are connected to the right people and easily accessible to customers during the product decision-making and specification process.

It is with happiness and pride that St-Laurent initiates its partnership with Lightbeans. As promising as it is avant-garde, this collaboration will considerably enhance its range of sidings and greatly facilitate the workflow of its clientele.

Pierre Beaulieu, President, and CEO of St-Laurent

To explore St-Laurent's digitized siding products and discover the future of architectural visualization, visit Lightbeans' texture library.

Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture
Download 3D Texture

About Lightbeans:

Lightbeans is a technological company pioneering material digitization for architectural visualization. With its scanning technology and extensive texture library, it enables architecture and design professionals to create photorealistic renders with unmatched realism and precision.

About St-Laurent:

An example of a project with St-Laurent siding

St-Laurent specializes in finishes for James Hardie fiber cement siding and engineered wood. The company is committed to quality and innovation, providing durable and high-performing siding solutions for structures in highly variable weather conditions.

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